Beloved in Threat

The most beautiful creature that walks the Earth, tigers have managed to survive the preposterous amount of threats which have been occurring for hundreds of years, but does the public really have that much of an insight into the Black Trade? Farming of animals is no new thing but the horrific conditions these beautiful animals (and much more animals) have persevered is truly heart wrenching.

With only an estimated amount of 3200 tigers left remaining in the wild, why would such horrible acts of selfishness still persist?

China is well known for being a country of animal cruelty and there is said to be 5,000 – 6,000 tiger farms across the nation. Within these kennel like buildings, tigers are slaughtered for their fur and bones as well as their parts being turned into wine! Poachers are killing tigers mainly for this inhumane trade, which is increasingly growing in popularity.

Tiger temple was a well-known incident including 137 of these animals who were rescued in a raid from barbarism. Dead cubs were stored in jars for unknown reasons and adults were strung up for tourists pleasure and money making. However, the media doesn’t know all of the offences committed and the trade can conceal a lot from us, leading me to the question of… ‘Can these striking animals survive all the devastation the human race is laying upon them?’

As well as the trade and many other illegal methods of killing tigers, habitat loss is substantially decreasing the numbers of tigers, just another threat to put to stop.

Humans are filling our planet, meaning tigers and other animals have to move out, 93% of the loss of these animals are due to habitat loss. Houses, agriculture and deforestation are pushing the ones we share the Earth with to extinction.

Genetic diversity is reduced by tigers breeding with their own relations this is due when tigers become isolated when surrounded by humans. With the same habitat loss problem occurring to other animals, prey decreases and conflict with humans becomes more frequent when livestock is slaughtered and eaten. Coastal erosion caused by climate change is also destroying the Indian habitats that are home to many tigers. Climate change is increasing the number of attacks on humans as prey is decreasing and tigers are hunting for food in a state of desperation.

Humans are the reason these beautiful animals are leaving the Earth. Please spread the awareness to help tigers. You can check out these fantastic charities and maybe help these amazing creatures to stop them becoming extinct.

Thank you very much for reading.


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