The Buzz About Bees

Consider a life without bees, these amazing creatures help contribute to our world massively, however how crucial can the existence of these winged critters be.

20,000 species of bees have been estimated throughout the world. The most common species of bees in the UK are Bumble, Solitary and Honey Bees.


Bumble bees are identified by their fuzzy hairs. This fascinating feature helps protect bees from the climate and predators, as well as collecting pollen from each flowery visit.

Honey bees provide a more substantial amount of contribution to the environment, spreading pollen and plant seeds from one another. Without this simple act taking place nothing would fertilize, corrupting the whole food chain and damaging the way humans eat. You would not have the fruits in your fruit bowl or the crops harvested each year.

Solitary bees don’t live in colonies, unlike bumble and honey bees. These bees also don’t produce honey or have queens, unlike honeybees. These bees are called mining bees which means they bury into the ground. Females dig designed burrows for their young, these bees are considered amazing pollinators and are safe around animals and children as they are not aggressive.

Cross-pollination is the transfer of pollen to a male plant and female plants reproductive organs. This process helps to produce the crops and fruits that sustain our healthy diets. Pollination itself is the transfer of pollen from the male flowers anther to the female stigma, this helps plants reproduce.

Devastatingly bees are reducing in population and two species have already become extinct in the UK alone. The Cullen’s bumblebee and the Short-haired bumblebee.

The decline in bees population is due to the decrease in wildflowers, this is occurring because of technology becoming introduced, interfering agriculture tradition. Bees gain their food from flowers, so the decrease in their food results in the decrease of their species.

Each annum in the UK, £400 million is gained by the pollination of crops and certain fruit. As bees decrease so will the amount of money produced into the economy.

How can you help? More and more action is being taken to help bees in farming, as farmers are adapting their way of work to become more new friendly. However, don’t worry if you are not a farmer you can still dramatically help contribute to conservation rates just by planting bee-friendly flowers.

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