Pollution is pulverising the environment, creating detrimental effects to all inhabitants.

Pollution traps heat below the atmosphere resulting in global warming. This trapped heat also ultimately causes climate change. As a result of this, ice is melting, causing two major problems. The sea levels are rising causing the land around us to slowly sink beneath our feet at 1.7 millimetres annually. Polar bears and other animals are also suffering the horrendous effects of habitat/food loss.

As well as the effects on land, our oceans are also unfortunately victimised due to pollution. Plastic is one of the main threats to the animals that inhabit the big blue. Each and every year it has been estimated that fish ingest 12,000-24,000 tonnes of plastic. Plastic takes over 500 years to decompose in most circumstances, that’s an awfully long period of time for plastic to float around. As well as the catastrophic amount of land animals affected by pollution, seabirds are held captive in the numerous amount of plastic items causing 1 million sea birds die each year!

Pollution comes in many forms, most of which are due to humans. The main types of pollution damaging our environment happens to be;  construction or manufacturing pollution, water pollution, land pollution, smoke and gases emissions.

Construction contributes to air pollution. Diesel car gases are accountable for hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides which further damage the planet in the form of air pollution. Demolition dust can travel far through the air, these polluters are classified as PM10 and damage humans respiratory system.

The ocean has become a liquid dump in some people eyes.Vast quantities of pollution are dropped into the ocean each year, both on purpose and accidentally. All kinds of materials are found in the ocean, destroying marine life and the land beneath the sea.

Land pollution is classified as destruction to the earths land. Landfills are perfect examples of land pollution, humans mostly cause land pollution by littering, but it can also occur naturally by earthquakes and volcanoes. Many animals are harmed by land pollution and littering, birds can become trapped in plastic bags, resulting in painful deaths.

Smoke and gas emissions are caused by cars, factory and even cigarette emissions. Air pollution is one of the most devastating types of destruction in our natural world, causing climate change and atmosphere. Habitat destruction and even damage to humans occur from air pollution.

Animals are innocent in the terms of pollution, but yet still millions upon millions die each year because of it. Humans are the one responsible for these numbers, and as if mother nature is punishing our species, there are many jaw-dropping statistics affecting humans yearly. 100 million people are affected by pollution, making it one of the largest global killers. On account of this, environmental issues cause 3 million premature deaths to under five-year-olds annually. One in six are affected by fatal pollutes and occupants from polluted cities can have their lives shortened by up to an astonishing 2 years. Pollution is ever affecting our planet and there are many hopeful ways everyone can do to help our environment and everything within it.

We can help the exposition of pollution to our planet. Globally there are many factors that can be completed to help tackle emissions. Stop burning plastics and chemicals as well as open fires, walk or take public transport, compost your waste and most importantly reuse all your products. Plant trees in your gardens, drink unbottled tap water, were a jumper instead of wasting money and energy, do not buy any plastic only biodegradable products (paper or cardboard contained products), dry laundry in the open air, keep your car in a safe, emission-free condition and lastly, educate and expose the horrific statistics that most are too scared to accept.

As a globe, we can unite and combat this devastating issue that is affecting everyone. Help the environment, help yourself.

This entire planet is our home. We are the only species that systematically destroy our own habitat.

— Marianne Williamson


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