Deforestation is the most destructive factor of land habitat loss. Annually, 18 million acres of Forest and Jungles are decimated. Trees are not just at loss, bounteous numbers of animals also die as a result of deforestation which further destructs an abundance of animal habitats. Nonetheless, there is more to deforestation and how we as a species are slowly writing our death sentence.

Every tree absorbs carbon dioxide. This dangerous gas is exhaled to the tonne and would contribute to climate change. Carbon dioxide, otherwise known as CO2, is a greenhouse gas absorbing the sun’s heat which comes through the earth’s atmosphere. Trees and plants absorb this toxic greenhouse gas and transform it into oxygen, decreasing the damage to the earth. On estimation, deforestation has caused 15% of greenhouse gases. Without trees, CO2 gas emissions would become greater and the earth would warm. This leads us to more problems… climate change, global warming, rising in sea levels, habitat loss and the list descends deeper and deeper.

Plants turn absorbed carbon dioxide into oxygen using a process called photosynthesis. Providing life for themselves and every other oxygen breathing creature on the planet. Without oxygen, most of the earth inhabitants would simply die.

Inhabitants of forests have to find new areas of land to live in or die in the process of escape, when their forests are cut down. It is unknown to man how many species live in forests, the Amazon is the most biodiverse land area in the world, resulting in us being unable to fully discover the countless number of animals and living organisms that habitat forests. Tigers are an animal whose habitat is becoming destructed, endangering their lives and the future of their species every single day.

The Hydrological cycle also provides life for every living organism. However, a large part of the cycle known as evaporation will be non-existent without plants. Evapotranspiration is the evaporation of water from a plant’s stomata. Water vapour is released when a plant opens its stomata to absorb carbon dioxide. If plants are destroyed so will the critical stages of sourcing water. Furthermore, trees prevent flooding in many countries by intercepting the precipitation. Flooding is a devastating, life taking natural hazard which can be largely prevented by trees.

Natural decaying of trees and leaves can produce fossil fuels. These fuels produce so much energy globally. Deposits of dead organisms form fossil fuels beneath the earth. Oil and coal are perfect examples of what trees can produce, producing petrol and fire fuel.

Illegal deforestation is also a critical issue with the loss of trees. Land for farming and fuel for heating is crucial globally, animal and agriculture farming provides food for all humans, but as a result acres of forest are replaced for farmland and barren landscape created from logging. Many countries do not allow trees to be cut down, but this can lead to illegalised actions, where people take logging into their own hands.

However, not all forests are cut down by humans, deforestation can occur naturally. Forest fires usually happen in hot arid countries where dry wood can heat easily and catch alight. The flames destroy habitats and all life that once lived is reduced to a scattering of ash.

Deforestation has countless detrimental effects, which… with help can begin prevention of further damage. One of the main things people can do is swap products for forest-friendly products. FSC labels show that products have been produced from a sustained forest. You can also recycle all the reusable items in your home and plant as many trees and plants in your garden as possible.

Together we can combat these issues.




WWF is a great source of further information, and if you are interested in helping their fantastic work, sponsor one of their many varied animals.

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