A New Chance

I haven’t written a blog post in many months, and have truly missed it! Yet I haven’t had much free time, only recently returning from an inspiring and heart warming trip to Germany. Spending time in Germany meant I was able to experience the beauty of the Black Forest and the wildlife within.

In the Back Forest, I had the privilege to travel to the Alternative Wolf and Bear Park. The Alternative Park is an organisation which rescues bears and wolves from horrifying past lives, in which they were kept in cages no bigger than a few foot or beaten and tormented for valuable body parts. Luckily, the lives these animals now live is filled with comfort and refuge. Their spacious enclosures are filled with lush woodland and they are accompanied by other bears which are rescued from the same devastating traumas.

These parks, of which there are only a few, are some of only places bears and wolves can be seen in Germany. Wolves and bears were hunted, driven out of the country and transported for illegal market profits.

The Alternative Park was the most uplifting establishment I have ever travelled to, the charity works hard to help these innocent deprived creatures, providing them with a marvellous space to spend the rest of their years in. Please visit and donate to this wonderful place so more lives can be saved.

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  1. Such a nice post ❤️❤️

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