Wandering with Wildlife

There is nothing I love more than a walk outside, enveloped in nature. I feel so inspired and at peace, as if I was destined to photograph the outdoors.

Speaking of my love for nature, I was privileged enough to visit the wildlife of Germany. The forests of Germany are stunning; thick woodland blankets cover a large percentage of Germany. Meaning that their are an amazing amount of creatures and critters.

On one of my many adventures, I found a waterfall. As I walked through the forest neighbouring the river, black squirrels would scamper over your toes and back up into a tree, peering and hoping for a snack. Birds flew down and perched on the branches, curiously observing the big black camera that dangled around my neck.

The wild animals were amazing to capture, yet, I also encountered a rather wild herd. Cows scattered the remote terrain of the small town I stayed in. The locals were very proud of their livestock and hung pictures and ornaments of them, as if they were sacred. One evening, I could not resist a trip down to the woodland and fields to photograph them as they lay in the evening sun.

My trip to Germany was an amazing experience. I love to photograph the wildlife and nature of differing places. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the showcasing of photos below.

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